Couverdon is the real estate business of TimberWest Forest Corp., which has been on Vancouver Island for over 100 years. We are working with communities from Sooke to Campbell River on opportunities that will help the future of Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island is an incredible place. As part of its largest private landholder, we feel a strong sense of responsibility for its well being and want to take a proactive role in how it evolves.

Our goal is to create perpetual value – for the people who live, work and relax on Vancouver Island; and those who invest in our lands, developments and company.

Couverdon believes the best way to do that is with communities and partners. We listen first to understand their needs and interests, and then discuss ways our land can help unlock value.

Conservation, agriculture, affordable housing and new communities; these are all part of the discussion. Couverdon will strive for practical, economically feasible ways to create sustainable Island living, whether we sell land “as-is” or work with others to develop it.

We believe that exceptional and talented people are critical to our success. Our staff know Vancouver Island, our business, and – most importantly – how to work with people to identify opportunities and then act on them.