Pratt Road


Couverdon is currently developing acreage lots at Pratt Road in the Parksville/Qualicum area of Vancouver Island.

How many acreages are there?

The second phase of this development consists of 10 acreages ranging in size from 5 to 23 acres.

What is the layout of the acreages?

The acreages are rectangular in shape, maximizing usable land area. Lot line locations have been overlaid on aerial photos and can be obtained by contacting a Couverdon representative.

Will these be strata developments or fee simple?

The acreages at Pratt Road are fee simple titles meaning no monthly strata fees for the buyers of the lots.


Are the lots serviced?

Power and telephone lines front the lots at the road. Lot buyers will be responsible for extending these services into the individual lots. There is no municipal water or sewer in the area.

How much will it cost to drill a well?

Wells have been drilled on the majority of acreages in the development. Well records are available from a Couverdon Representative.

How much will it cost to build a septic field?

Perc test pits have been dug and approved on each acreage at Pratt Road. The installation of a complete septic disposal system will vary based on system specifications and site specific factors. It is recommended to contact a reputable installation company local to the development area for further pricing.

How much does it cost to clear a building site?

An access driveway and building site has been cleared on each lot for the benefit of the buyer. Because of the size and unique nature of each lot, additional land clearing costs will vary dependent upon geological structures, vegetation, subsurface conditions and level of desired land improvement.


What is the topography of the land?

Topography of the land is generally flat over all 10 acreages with a moderate slope from south to north. Those acreages which benefit from frontage on French Creek have relatively lowbank access to the creek which breaks up the predominately flat, sloping terrain of the area. The flow of French Creek, which is sourced from Rowbotham Lake at the top of the ridge, is generally confined to its banks as it flows through the area.


What is the history of the area?

The community of Coombs was established at the turn of the twentieth century by families who arrived as part of the Salvation Army’s immigration program, a humanitarian effort that brought nearly a quarter of a million English and Welsh to Canada. A handful of families settled in the Coombs area around 1910. The original survey date for the Coombs/Errington area is June 30, 1914.


What are the area amenities?

Topography of the area is defined by the Rowbotham Ridge sloping from south to north providing distant mountain views and acting as a back drop. Uses in the immediate vicinity of the property include rural residential acreages, agriculture, artisans and commercial/tourist commercial on the main transportation routes. Qualicum/Parksville, which are the closest urban centres, make up a service area of approximately 44,000 residents. The area which is locally referred to as “Oceanside”, offers a unique blend of small town lifestyle and rural attributes complimented by the city amenities and services of North Nanaimo located 20 minutes to the south on Hwy 19. Activities and destinations in the Pratt Road area are:

Mount Washington Alpine Ski Resort

Located 60 minutes from Pratt Road acreages. In addition to the alpine skiing and cross country skiing in the winter, Mount Washington offers great hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding in the summer. Mt. Washington is known for its very high snow accumulation usually resulting in a snow base of over 5 meters deep.

Mt. Arrowsmith Provincial Park

Over 1,300 hectares and located less than 15 minutes from the Pratt Road acreages, the park area offers good hiking and rock climbing, with superb views of Vancouver Island. Winter activities include cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and ice-climbing. The Arrowsmith Trail which leads to the 1,829 meter summit is the oldest intact trail on Vancouver Island.


Readily available in the area, with courses such as Pheasant Glen Golf Resort and Morningstar Golf Club in the near vicinity.

Saltwater fishing

A popular sport in these parts and easily accessible on the east coast of Vancouver Island via French Creek Marina in Parksville, or on the west coast via Port Alberni and the Alberni Inlet.


Comox Valley Regional Airport and the Nanaimo/Cassidy Airport have several direct daily flights to Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Ferry terminals at Duke Point and Departure Bay in Nanaimo with traffic to the Lower Mainland are approximately 20 minute and 40 minute drives respectively from Coombs. These are in addition to the easy access to the Inland Island Highway from Pratt Road.


What is the Zoning? Can I build more than one house on the property?

The zoning applicable to Pratt Road is Forestry Resource 1 (FR1) and Rural 1 (R1). These zones allow for a number of different resource and agricultural based uses, as well as permitting one single family dwelling per lot in the FR1 zoned land and one single family dwelling per hectare in the R1 zoned land. Lots 2 thru 5 are zoned R1 and over 2 hectares in size. For additional details on zoning and the official community plan for the area, please visit the following link:

Regional District of Nanaimo Area F bylaws

Can I sub-divide the property? Where do I go to make an application?

Local land use controls, which define property subdivision rules and minimum parcel sizes, are managed by the Regional District of Nanaimo for the Coombs/Errington area (Area F). All lots at Pratt Road require rezoning prior to any subdivision application. Please see the link above (in zoning question) for more information.


Who will finance these properties?

The Pratt Road acreages will appeal to financial institutions that specialize in lending for residential land and construction. Additionally, institutions like Farm Credit Canada, Business Development Bank of Canada and other local Vancouver Island based credit unions can be used for the agricultural business aspect and potential of these developments. Please contact a Couverdon representative for more information.

What are the Property Taxes going to be?

Please contact a Couverdon representative for more information regarding taxes.