Information Materials

The Ladysmith West lands are situated northwest of Ladysmith. Couverdon has made the request to include 273 hectares (675 acres) in the Town of Ladysmith.

Couverdon Household Mailer

Couverdon has delivered household mailers with information about the company and its Ladysmith West project to all Ladysmith residents.

Community Survey

In June 2014, Couverdon conducted a community survey to determine awareness of a proposal to expand the Town of Ladysmith’s northwest boundaries.

Town Boundary Extension Proposal

As part of its Town Boundary Extension Proposal, Couverdon has produced the following materials:


View the area proposed to be included in the Town Boundary Extension:

  1. Context Map
  2. Aerial Map
  3. Context of Revised Application Map

LadysmithWest_Context_Map LadysmithWest_Aerial_MapLadysmithWest_AnnexComparison_Map

  1. Development Areas Map
  2. Slopes Map
  3. Watercourses Map

LadysmithWest_DevelopmentAreas_Map LadysmithWest_Slopes_Map LadysmithWest_Watercourses_Map

Past Community Open Houses

Couverdon has coordinated open houses to share information about the proposed Town Boundary Extension with residents.

 Town of Ladysmith Materials

In spring 2014, the Town of Ladysmith prepared several background documents on the Couverdon application.

The Town of Ladysmith has prepared planning materials to guide the town’s growth.