Jubilee Heights

The city of Campbell River has adopted the official Community Plan and Zoning Amendment Bylaws for this development. Jubilee Heights will provide diverse housing options along with a vibrant walkable, commercial neighbourhood, all developed in alignment with social, economic, and ecological benefits of compact communities.

Jubilee Heights Neighbourhood – FAQ

What is the Phase 1 project for the new Jubilee Heights Neighbourhood?

Phase 1 of Jubilee Heights is a residential phase. It will consist of a variety of lot sizes with the majority being suitable for single family homes.

What is the timeline for this project?

We anticipate Phase 1 to be completed in 2018.

What activities will be undertaken during the Phase 1 development? What will be built?

Land clearing, civil servicing and road and lot construction will be required to complete Phase 1 of Jubilee Heights. Couverdon will also be constructing a new trail along the west side of South Dogwood Street from South Alder Street to the northern edge of the development lands adjacent to Beaver Lodge lands. This trail should be completed in and open for use in early 2018.

How will my neighbourhood be affected? Will there be traffic or access changes?

With the exception of building the trail along the west side of South Dogwood Street, construction activities for Jubilee Heights Phase 1 will be on site away from the general neighbourhood. During construction, vehicle access into and out of the site will be limited to a designated location, the Erickson Road intersection. For those community members that enter the site at this location to bike or walk along trails, access will be restricted during construction for the safety of operating crews and the public. The community is encouraged to use the new trail being constructed along South Dogwood Street for off-road access to the Beaver Lodge Lands.

What environmental considerations have been made during this phase?

Specific Development Permit Area Guidelines will apply to the Jubilee Heights Neighbourhood and include the Environmental Development Permit Area Guideline. These guidelines can be found within the relevant chapters of the Official Community Plan (OCP).

Has the City approved this project?

Yes. A Neighbourhood Plan attached as Appendix C to the Sustainable Official Community Plan was approved by the City Council, in consultation with Campbell River residents, in 2011.

What is the new Jubilee Heights neighbourhood?

Jubilee Heights is a master planned, mixed use development that will serve as a walkable community hub providing all the necessary amenities to the established South Dogwood/Jubilee residential neighbourhood. Through its phased, multi-year buildout, Jubilee Heights will provide neighbourhood scale commercial/retail opportunities, and a variety of housing options as well as parks, trails, and other public amenities.

News Release, February 16, 2018: Upcoming work for Jubilee Heights – Phase 1

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Jubilee Heights